Hotline : +94 750 999 000
Hotline : +94 750 999 000
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1. What is website ? is an online jewelry ordering system for dealers, wholesalers, retailers & end customers.

2. How to make / raise an order?

You need to register first for an account before making an order. You can view some of our products without having an account though you can't order any without registering.

3. How to get registered?

You can fill our registration form duly and submit to our admin. Please do remember to use a valid email address. Your login details and password recovery details will be sent to your email address along with the details of our procedure.

4. What is next after registering?

You can view and order products. You may not have permission to view and order all of our products still our admin checks your credibility & provides permission to view all of our products & its pricing. Our detailed product form & Order bag will help you to make your orders easily and conveniently. Please do note that we do not support online payments. Therefore we will be sending you a confirmation email of your order. You will also receive an email regarding the payments. You might contact our staff members for further details.

5. Can I customize my order?

Yes certainly. We understand that your requirement is unique. We have given only the general specification of our products. You can enter your desired weight, sizes, etc.

6. What is next after ordering?

Our staff members will look into your order and confirm you the possibility, availability & the process.

7. Can we track our orders?

Yes. You can login to the system and go to "My Account > View Orders", Where you will find all your orders. Also you will find the order status of your orders. The Order status shows you which department your order is currently in.

8. What is remark in my order cart ?

Remark is a space where you can specify your special requirements such as any particular stone color you wish, or any color to be applied, etc.

9. What if I want to order a personalized jewelry (My own design)?

Certainly you can. Just click on our personalized order button, Fill it up with your details (Registered customer details will be auto filled), attach your sample design and note down your requirements in the remarks space.